In 25 years

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Video screens are getting so cheap and disposable that they’ll be plastered everywhere we go. And they’ll have enough intelligence and connectivity that they’ll see our faces, do a quick search on Facebook to find out who we are and direct a message at us based on our purchasing history.



6 Web Predictions for 2011

Ross Dawson, a leading technology futurist and entrepreneur, is giving his predictions for web in 2011 on bluewiremedia. You can access to the original source here.

This is how I summarized.

-Web is becoming more and more central on where we find information also for products and services, suppliers.
-Our reputation will become aggregate and much more visible. It will be easier for us to whom we want to do business with.
-We will move towards mobile. We will be all connected from where we sit.
-Cloud services will be fundemental for businesses. Rightnow: Googledocs, Dropbox
-Android will rise.
– Crowdsourcing: accessing workers to aggregate ideas, running competitions will be more and more common.

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is working on to get its share on mobile operating systems but it seems like they are a little behind in the competition. Recently they released an update for the OS and the update have caused some of the Samsung phones to become bricked.

Users and potential users may waver because with the  failure of the update on a particular type of phone may make users lose their faith in the OS.

In my opinion Microsoft must do something substential soon and get their share in the smart phone market.

Groupon vs Taobao

Group discounts shopping has become a widely used shopping alternative recently. Currently Taobao is the leading online retail store in China and they want to maintain their position with respect to Groupon entrance into the market. The video above gives the other details.

Most tweeted topics this week is one of the best blogs focused on web 2.0 and social media news. I read about this week’s most popular tweets on

Social networking sites have shown their powers on our daily lives. It is almost the new form of everything. People shop through web, companies build strategies to use social web effectively, people stay in touch and exchange information through web and there are many other new trends that developed and are developing with the use of social media.

So when the people of a country make protests and create an important and huge chaos in the country against their current government, in other words when there is a very important and hot news in any region of the world, majority of people do not use telephones to talk about the news with their friends or they don’t send text messages or emails. Instead now they use social media to claim their opinions, to discuss with people and learn their ideas, not only with people whom they know, but with anyone. And this only takes seconds after the news are on Internet or television. Anyone is also able to learn opinions of famous people that they wonder and they wouldn’t have the chance to learn if it wasn’t social media.

So it is not surprising that this week’s top tweeted subject was the protests in Egypt. You can read the rest of the list from this link.

The 1oth most popular tweet was the Chinese New Year tweets. People celebrated their friends’ new years in Chinese, and I would like finish this writing by wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. Happy Rabbit Year!