55 Future Jobs that Don’t Exist Today

I just read an article about future jobs by Thomas Fray. Actually he has very broad insights about the future. You can find more information about him and his works from this link.

I totally agree that most of the jobs we see today will not exist in future. We improve technology so fast that i think most of us will witness this dramatic change. Thomas Fray listed 55 future jobs, and I took 10, which i thought was the most interesting.  Below I will detail most of the job titles in my own words, and you can access the original article from this link. For people seeking jobs, investing in one these areas can be a smart thing to do.

1. Augmented Reality Architects: As the online and offline worlds intertwine more than ever, in future most of the physical objects will have augmented reality function.

2. Business Colony Managers: “The average person that turns 30 years old in the U.S. today has worked 11 different jobs. In just 10 years, the average person who turns 30 will have worked 200-300 different projects. Business colonies are an evolving new kind of organizational structure designed around matching talent with pending work projects. ” More information on this link.

3. Avatar Designers: Soon Avatars will appear as visual beings start to walk around, carry out conversations and stand-in at meetings for us. More info on this link.

4. 3D Food-Printer Engineers: Soon we will be able to create the perfect food for us, 3D food printers are on the way. More info here.

5. Book-to-App Converters: “With both being information products that we interface with differently, we will begin to see a large scale effort to convert existing books and literature into an interactive app, similar to the current effort to convert popular literature from print to audio books.”

6. Social Education Specialists: People learn from each other and it will be more important to create circles of friends, that we heavily rely on for valuable information. It will be important to be in people’s circles.

7. Privacy Managers: If you think you already lost most of your privacy, I would like to tell you that this is just the beginning. Obtaining the perfect privacy-transparency balance will require professional help. More info on this link.

8. Data Hostage Specialists: As more valuable data can be collected by firms/organizations/people, people hostages will be replaced by data hostages. Data-hostage negotiators will rise.

9. Organ Agents: “The demand for transplantable organs is exploding and people who can track down and deliver healthy organs will be in hot demand.”

10. Elevated Tube Transport Engineers: “The next big infrastructure project on planet earth will be a human and cargo transport system designed around a network of vacuum tubes with maglev tracks. Operating at less than 2% of the cost of today’s car, truck, jet, ship, and train systems, this emerging tube transport system will be a massive undertaking that demands talented new-age thinkers for decades to come.” More details here.


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