Top 10 Forecasts for 2012

I have been into futurism, more than ever before. It is just so exciting to see the latest improvements in technology and its side or direct effects on our daily lives. When I think about the old civilizations that took place thousands of years ago, I cant help but feel grateful for living in 2000ths. By then you would be lucky to live 30 years, finding food was a big issue, and there were a lot of threats to your life. There was no light, no heater, nothing to read and learn. For me it sounds very boring.

When I think about of 50 years ago, still it sounds very boring. By then, it was not that easy to travel to other parts of the world, meeting people from other cultures, listening the music you wanted, watching the movies you liked. Or still if you get a severe disease, you were not very likely to survive easily.

And just think about the moment we live in. You don’t have to wait for the radio to play your favorite song. It is just a few clicks away. Even Youtube can suggest music according to your taste, and you can discover new songs. You can watch your favorite movie online any time you like. You can access a tremendous amount of information anytime. Everything is in abundance. (We hope to use renewable energy more in the future of course, so that we don’t run out of resources)

And when I imagine the future, it gets more and more exciting. Everything will be much easier. Probably there will be no schools, no sick or blind people, no traffic and I imagine there will be no airplane crushes or people dying because of collapsing buildings in earthquakes ­čÖé (I am sure they can find a solution to some of the problems we face currently)

I came across this amazing video on internet. It is prepared by World Future Society. I think it is an incredible source. I encourage everyone to follow it.

According to the video;

  1. Learning will become more social and game based, and online social gaming will soon replace textbooks in schools.
  2. Commercial space tourism will grow significantly the coming decade.
  3. Nanotechnology and biomimicry offer hope for restoring sight. (Can you believe this? People will not have to live blind for whole their lives.)
  4. Future buildings may be more responsive to weather fluctuations.
  5. The end of identity as we know it: It will be easier than ever to create a new identity or identities for ourselves.
  6. Robotic earthworms will gobble up our garbage.
  7. Lunar based solar power production may be the best way to meet future energy demands.
  8. Machine vision will become available in the next 5 to 15 years and grow more sophisticated over time.
  9. The dust bowls of 21th century will dwarf those seen in twentieths. (This is not a good news of course)
  10. Advances in fuel cells will enable deep-sea habitation.

You can watch the video below for more details or you can visit Ray Kurzweil website. There are very valuable information.