Future of Internet

I just watched the video of Roger McNamee on Ted Talk about the future of internet. I find it valuable to share a few words. If you like to read in Turkish, here is a website you can visit.

Windows is Dying

Mcnamee claims that Windows is dying. He says Microsoft can maintain growth with the other types of products but not desktops. To strengthen his assertion he use statistics. 3-4 Years ago Windows were accounted for 90% of internet connected devices. Today this number has decreased to 50%. And it is all because of smart phones.

Enterprise Software is Dying

According to Mcnamee, along with Windows, enterprise software business (such as SAP) also face a fall. They are the business that will fade away and open way for new industries. When I think how big the enterprise software industry is, I cant help but wonder how such companies will change the way of doing their businesses.

Google is no more the dominant player in internet

He continues by saying Google has lost its position as the dominant player in internet and it is impossible to gain it back. Now we have Wikipedia for information, Twitter for real time news, LinkedIn for professional business (etc.) that we use for search instead of Google’s index search. Another point Mcnamee makes is that, it is hard to do index search on mobiles. One other reason on why Google may be losing its leadership on search.

Web is dead, it is apps’ time

Web is dead, and it is apps’ time. People prefer to use value added, beautifully designed apps over “www”. Steve Jobs’ vision changed the game. Mcnamee says, before it was about keeping the balance between Google’s commoditization and Apple apps, but from now on it will be about keeping the balance between highly sheeted content (html5)  and Apple apps. He truly believes in html5 and thinks the ability to embed interactivity, video, audio (etc) to webpage without the need for flash boxes will make a huge change for internet.

If you do not own an iPad, you can’t understand what is going on

With his next statement Mcnamee caught my heart. I have always been a big supporter of Apple products. I truly believe that the experience it provides is remarkably different and superior than any other product. He is such brave to say “If you dont have an iPad, you can not understand what is going on there.” Tablet market is growing and iPad is still the market leader, and he says he does not see any other significant players in the market.

Social is just a feature

Finally he ends his words on social media. He sees Facebook as the most powerful social platform, and advice “if you gonna do a start up on social world, build it on top of Facebook, but most important piece of advise is; forget social.” He says social is just a side show. It is a feature that you should embed in your product.

“Future will be different, we are going from an elevator type of internet (where we go to different places and lose people) to a control panel type of internet. Finally technology is doing us a favor.”