GarageBand – iPad 2

I just watched the video of iPad 2  and I am pretty impressed with the new features.  It is true that, because of digitalization, we do not use many of the stuff we used to use anymore; clocks, pen, paper, cd etc… Everything is much easier now, we can purchase e-books, e- magazines and immediately have them on our devices after the purchase. Instead of buying traditional newspaper, now we can access latest news on internet any time. We write on computers. We shot videos and send them through social network sites. We do not buy casettes or cds for music as we used to do, instead we download from internet. We do not need to have a thermometer at home to learn the temperature, cause we can check it online. All of these sounds ordinary. But the application I learned about today, blew my mind away. So now we do not need to own a musical instrument to play.

We only need GarageBand application. The application includes many different types of instruments and have a lot of features that I do not really know what for. I cant play any instruments so I am not sure what kind of features people need when they compose a song. I am more interested in the basic parts. The application has guitar and piano lessons for beginners. I will try for piano! =) It even has a “How did I play?” part. So I will play and it is going to tell me, how i am doing.

The application costs 4.99$ and once you purchase it, you get the chance to play many instruments. If you watch the video below, you will see that the digital instruments give a pretty good feeling of real ones. GarageBand part starts after 3rd minute. I am sure they will not be the same as the real instruments but I find this innovation as a big impact to stimulate children to learn to play musical instruments and encourage them to make music. I do not own an  iPad so I didn’t try this application but i assume as the other devices or softwares of Apple,  this application will probably be easy to use  for everyone.